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Ebony King is a Creative Leader, Author, and Speaker. This go-getter takes us on a journey of her career and who she is!

E: I create, connect, teach, empower, & transform.

- Describe what you do in 5 words: 

E: I am down to earth with my head in the clouds. I have seen my share of hardship, which has always kept me grounded and passionate about seeing others succeed. My high school teacher gave me the nickname “Cloud Girl” because she said my thoughts were often farfetched. As an adult, those cloud-like dreams continue to spark my creativity and empower me to help others see beyond their current situation.

- Describe yourself. 

my Hearts

- How do you get ready for the day?

E: Podcast. Shower. Chat. Coffee. I’ve recently found a love for podcasts. I like to start my day with either a spiritual or leadership podcasts. Since I am both a ministry leader and organizational leader I try to find content that will help me in both areas. Sometimes I listen to my podcasts in the shower. It accompanied with my morning prayer. Then I like to wrap up my morning with a good chat with a friend. We typically discuss our revelations from our morning meditations or things we want to accomplish for the day. Last but not least….I NEED MY COFFEE.

- Do you have a guilty pleasure?
- What projects/business do you consider your baby?

E: My current babies would include relaunching my consulting company, Think King, and expanding Tabitha’s TEA Party’s presence in Atlanta. Also, I recently accepted a management role at my corporate job. I am highly focused on building a healthy, happy, high-performing sales team while helping women show up intentionally in their God-given identity. 

E: Yes, and my teeth are paying for it. I love sour patch kids. I could eat them all day if given the opportunity.

- Where are some places you have spoken?

E: Whew. I have spoken several times at IBM, HPE, and Veeam Software on leadership and brand development. In addition, I've done several radio interviews with Kennesh Radio and Heaven 97 in Dallas, Texas. I have also spoken at several empowerment conferences, retreats, and workshops such as Dede Women's History Luncheon, Naomi Speaks, ANEWME Life Transformation Workshops, Morsels and Mentorships, Adam's Rib Women's Conference, My Predestined One Prayer Summit, Dating with Purpose Tour, Cheryl Lacey Donovan Women's Retreat, God's Natural Pearls Mother-Daughter Tea, Jack and Jill North Texas, Becoming that Girl Retreat, Tabitha's TEA Party Monthly Bible Studies, and Annual Conferences. To name a few.

- Biggest accomplishment to date?

E: My biggest accomplishment to date would be becoming more intentional about being obedient to the voice of God. I have decided to Show Up intentionally in all that I have been assigned to do without becoming too distracted by the opinions of others. This has empowered me to see unbelievable success in every area of my life.

"I've decided to
Show Up

- What are the keys to balancing Motherhood and a career?

E: Routine. Resources. Rest. I have found that chaos is soon to follow when there is no routine in my life. I also leverage my resources. At home, I share parenting responsibilities with my husband. When we need a break, we bring in childcare. At work, I tap into my ecosystem. I lean on my team, leadership, and other counterparts to accomplish my job.

Lastly, I REST. Rest is productive. I have learned that I am not responsible for keeping the world spinning. God is in total control, and because He is in control, I can rest in knowing that I can take a break.


Mr & Mrs King

- When did you get involved in Ministry? 

E: My entire life has been ministry. I would say that I became more aware of this in two years.

- Favorite Ministry moment?

E: My favorite ministry moment would be hosting the Girl, Get Up Conference in 2017. It was a pivotal shift in my confidence and in our ministry.

- Tell us about your documentary. 

E: Speaking of Girl, Get Up! In 2018 I produced my first documentary: Girl, Get Up! This documentary was created as a beacon of light for women who feel hopeless or dead on the inside. It featured four women in a very dark space from suicidal thoughts, drug addiction, prison, or battling infertility. They shared their journey to get up from that dark place and the joy they’ve experienced on the other side. The documentary was later nominated for a Lonestar Emmy. So please watch and share for anyone who needs the inspiration to Get Up!

- What’s your biggest challenge?

E: Letting go. One day I went to download a new upgrade for my phone, and I couldn’t because my storage was full. I had to offload some of my storage to move forward with the upgrade. Upgrades are designed to give us more functionality and to increase our performance.


However, I am very sentimental, and I often become very emotionally attached to people, things, and experiences that have significantly influenced my life. My challenge often rests in letting go.

- What's next for Ebony?

E: What’s Next? My next  is my NOW. I define NOW as New Opportunities Waiting. God is constantly providing new opportunities for me to show up and be a better me.


A better wife. A better mom. A better friend. A better leader. 



Voyage Dallas | Trailblazer Ebony King

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CEOMOM | Summer 2018


My personal mission is

to Light, Love, & Lead


I love seeing people succeed in their God-given passions and gifts. You never have to accept defeat as your destiny when Faith is your tour guide.

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